Fire Protection Testing

fire testing

Will your sprinkler system, your water mist system or your fire extinguishment system work every time and be effective? We rigorously test fire protection equipment in our Fire Technology and Hydraulics Laboratories.

The 180,000-square-foot Fire Technology Laboratory is the centerpiece of the FM Global Research Campus and the largest facility of its type in the world. Here, we replicate warehouse-size fires to test automatic sprinklers and create mock-ups for special-protection fire extinguishing systems and water-mist systems, among other products. We also conduct intermediate- and small-scale burn testing.

In both wet- and dry-lab test areas, we perform hydraulic, mechanical and environmental tests on fire protection system components and related devices, including sprinklers, couplings, valves and water mist nozzles. These tests confirm that the devices and the corresponding system will work as intended when properly installed and maintained.