Approval Standards

FM Approvals has developed more than 200 Approval Standards. These standards illustrate the Approval criteria of various types of products and services. Search the list below for all current Approval Standards.

Please note that FM Approvals also tests products using recognized standards of other organizations.

To download an Approval Standard, simply click on the standard number.

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ANSI/FM 60079-29-1, Edition 2 - Explosive Atmospheres – Part 29-1: Gas Detectors - Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases

ANSI/FM 60079-29-2, Edition 2 - Explosive Atmospheres – Part 29-2: Gas Detectors – Selection, Installation, Use and Maintenance of Detectors for Flammable Gases and Oxygen

ANSI/FM 60079-29-4, Explosive Atmospheres – Part 29-4: Gas Detectors - Performance Requirements of Open Path Detectors for Flammable Gases