FM Approvals’ Certification Mark Usage Requirements

To maintain the highest of standards and utmost technical integrity, FM Approvals employs strict usage guidelines for the FM APPROVED mark.

Who Can Use FM Approvals’ Certification Marks

  • The use of the term “FM Approved” or use of the trademark certification mark or the FM Approvals’ company logo shall not be used by any company without a valid relationship with FM Approvals.
  • FM Approvals’ certification marks shall be used only on FM Approved products in accordance with the product listing requirements.
  • FM Approvals’ customers often have legitimate FM Approval for products being advertised and sold by others, including online trading platforms, drop-ship companies, web-based advertisers, distributors, suppliers and other legitimate business entities. The FM Approvals customer may not transfer the right to use FM Approvals’ certification marks or the use of the term “FM Approved” when dealing with any advertisers or marketers of these products.
  • In order for the advertiser or marketer to depict the FM Approvals’ certification mark, the FM Approvals customer (owner) must be clearly identified in the advertisement or marketing literature. Otherwise, a Private Labeler Agreement (PLA) must exist among the two parties and FM Approvals.

Use of Marks on Packaging/Marketing Materials

  • FM Approvals’ certification marks shall appear on all products or packaging materials of FM Approved products in accordance with the FM Approval requirements for those products. Any similar products that are not marketed as FM Approved shall be uniquely identified and distinctive from the FM Approved product(s).
  • FM Approvals’ certification marks are strictly limited to use in association with those products that have attained FM Approval. Use of FM Approvals’ certification marks in advertisements, catalogs, news releases, websites or email marketing is not a substitute for use of the complete FM Approvals’ certification mark on FM Approved products and/or product packaging.
  • When an FM Approvals’ certification mark is used in advertising material, website display, electronic imaging, and quick reader scanner code or on product packaging, all material must reflect the specific circumstances under which the product was FM Approved. The material must clearly differentiate between products that are FM Approved and those that are not, and may not, in any way, imply a more substantial relationship with FM Approvals than actually exists.

All FM Approvals’ certification marks are the sole property of FM Approvals LLC (“FM Approvals”) and are registered or the subject of applications for registration around the world.