The Resilient Business: Strategies for Pollution Prevention & Reducing Flood Risk

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Does your business use hazardous chemicals? Could you cope with a major flood, snowstorm, or power failure? Surveys show that many small businesses have not prepared for disasters by taking precautions such as emergency planning, storing chemicals safely, obtaining adequate insurance, & arranging for emergency power. This is a series of two webinars hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The first half of each webinar will show you how you can reduce your risk & save money by switching to less hazardous chemicals & reducing energy use. It will also explain the basics of state & federal regulations for managing hazardous wastes & materials. The second half of each webinar explores in more depth actions you can take at your business to improve your resilience. You can register for more than one session.

Join this free webinar series from the Environmental Protection (EPA) Agency, in which FM Approvals has collaborated.

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