We have a New Notified Body in Ireland!

In addition to our Notified Body in the United Kingdom (NB number 1725), FM Approvals is pleased to announce that we have also been recognized as a European Union Notified Body (EU NB) based in Dublin, Ireland. The Ireland based EU NB number is 2809.

In order to help facilitate our customers' transition, FM Approvals has reviewed existing ATEX and Construction Products Regulation (CPR) certifications and is prepared to issue new certificates through FM Approvals Europe Ltd (new Notified Body in Ireland) utilizing the same certificate number, as well as Quality Assurance Notifications (QAN). This will be offered at no cost to our customers provided the certificate(s) is in full compliance with the appropriate standard(s). In case of non-compliance, FM Approvals will work with you to resolve this issue.

Per EU regulations, FM Approvals Europe Ltd will require a written request from the certificate holder to transfer the certificate from the UK based NB to the new Ireland based NB. Customers will be receiving an email from FM Approvals outlining the details of their certificates and the actions required to facilitate the transfer.

Additional information regarding the transfer of certificates can be found in the European Commission issued document titled "Questions and Answers Related to the United Kingdom's Withdrawal From the European Union With Regard To Industrial Products".

FM Approvals is now well-positioned to provide seamless service to all of our ATEX and CPR customers!

For ATEX related questions, please contact us at atex@fmapprovals.com.

For CPR related questions, please contact us at cpr@fmapprovals.com.