First Photovoltaic (PV) System with 1-90+ Wind Uplift Rating for Standing Seam Roofs Receives FM Approval

Man with solar panel

Centroplan's commercial roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system, SolaRoof Metal, became the first rigid module and securement system for standing seam metal roofs with a 1-90+ wind uplift rating to receive FM Approval. All components (S-5! PVKIT HUR, Butler® MR-24® Roof and modules produced by module manufacturer JA Solar) of the Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system were tested together and certified to FM Approvals Standard 4478 for Roof-Mounted Rigid Photovoltaic Module Systems.

FM Approvals' testing of JA Solar PV modules includes confirmation of adherence to internationally recognized International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. For the Approved Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system, testing confirmed that installation does not negatively impact the performance of the underlying roof. FM Approvals' testing evaluates the effects internal and external fire, hail, wind can have on installed systems. The applicable performance requirements included combustibility of the above the roof deck, wind uplift resistance for the rigid PV module, hail damage resistance, electrical performance, electrical safety, and gravity load resistance (confirming the system can function with 120 pounds of snow per square foot).

The Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system was tested and certified to FM 4478 while the underlying Butler® MR-24® Roof assembly was tested to FM Approvals Standard 4471 for Class 1 Panel Roofs. Roofing assemblies that are compatible with Centroplan’s SolaRoof Metal can be found using the Assembly Search in RoofNav (classification = "Standing/Lap Seam System", specification = "Surface Treatments", category = "Coating/Surfacing", subcategory and approved use = "Surfacing", material = "Photovoltaic Module").

The S-5! standing seam clamp design, S-5! PVKIT HUR, used in the Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system securely attaches the PV modules to the underlying roof, as well the clamp design inherently fortifies and strengthens the roof. Tested and certified PV systems address the increasing climate risks of today's world by assessing robustness against fire, hail, wind, and other risks. The installation of roof-mounted PV systems requires careful consideration and analysis to complete properly without damaging the roof covering and leaving the facility susceptible to natural or created hazards.

"We are excited to have the first FM Approved PV systems for standing seam metal roofs," says Cy Ketchum, FM Approvals' Materials Engineer. He goes on to describe how "the demand for more approved products, including systems with expanded wind uplift ratings, continues to gain momentum".

With this completed approval, industrial and commercial companies now have confirmation that the Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system has successfully completed certification requirements backed by scientific-based research to verify the design and performance live up to the highest standards for installation and usage. FM Approvals has verified the Centroplan SolaRoof Metal system functions as intended and adheres to the highest standards in quality, technical integrity, and performance.

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