March 24, 2014

Safety Notification for Emerson Process Management Rosemount 3300 Radar Level Transmitter

  • Type of Notification: Product Safety Notification
  • FM Approval Status: FM Approved

Alert Summary

FM Approvals has been notified by Emerson Process Management of a potential safety concern involving FM Approved Rosemount 3300 Radar Level Transmitters.

Company Identity

Emerson Process Management
Gamlestadsvägen 18 B, PO Box 13045

Contact Information

Product information is available on the internet at

Customer Service Phone Numbers

Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Response Center at (800)-654-7768 or (952) 828-3958.

Product Identity

Rosemount 3300 Radar Level Transmitter.


Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Tank Radar has become aware of a potential problem involving certain MODEL 3300 RADAR LEVEL TRANSMITTERS. The affected model 3300 Radar Level Transmitters have been assembled without a zener barrier card but were ordered with a Hazardous Location Certificate which requires this card. Affected devices do not comply with the Hazardous Location Certificate e.g. it cannot be guaranteed that affected explosion-proof devices provide intrinsically safe outputs to the integral sensing probe. This means that the intended safety function is not there to protect against certain electrical failures. This can adversely affect the process application and cause property damage or personal injury.


Rosemount 3300 Radar Level Transmitter.

Nameplate Data

Guided Wave Radar Level and Interface Transmitter.

Hazard Involved

Rosemount Tank radar has issued the attached Product Safety Notification regarding FM Approved 3300 Radar Level Transmitter. The attached notice was sent to all customers who have units covered under this product safety notification.

Emerson Process Management has estimated around 1345 units were shipped, but that fewer than 8 (0.5%) would be actually affected

Using This Product?

If you suspect you are in possession of any of the affected equipment listed above bearing the FM Approvals certification marking, please bring that to the attention of:

Robert Lovell

Norwood, MA, United States

+1 (1) 781-255-4820


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