January 05, 2018

Misrepresentation of FM Approved Product with Metron Eledyne (Div. of Hubbell Inc.) Diesel Fire Pump Controllers (Models EFP/a/b/FD4e/c)

  • Type of Notification: Misuse of Mark
  • FM Approval Status: Not FM Approved

FM Approvals has been notified by Metron Eledyne, Div. of Hubbell Inc of a concern involving Diesel Fire Pump Controllers which have been misrepresented as FM Approved. 


Company Identity:     Metron Eledyne, Div. of Hubbell Inc.


Address:                     Stretton Business Park, Brunel Drive,

               Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. DE13 0BZ, UK


Contact information: General Enquiries: +44 (0) 1283 500 500


Product Identity:      Diesel Fire Pump Controllers.


Models:                      EFP/a/b/FD4e/c marked with the following serial numbers:

                                    198210-01, 198210-02, 208320-01, 208320-02, 225310-01,

                                    225310-02, 225310-03, 229150-01, 229150-02, 208600-01 &




FM Approval Status:  Not FM Approved.


Hazard Involved:  The products identified have been confirmed to have been manufactured and labelled as FM Approved without certification to FM Approval standards. 

Using This Product?

If you suspect you are in possession of any of the affected equipment listed above bearing the FM Approvals certification marking, please bring that to the attention of:

Antonio Pires

Norwood, MA, United States

+1 (1) 781-255-4825