August 06, 2018

Counterfeit Certificate of Compliance for Shenzhen Archung Tecnology Co., Ltd. for Seismic Sway Brace Components

  • Type of Notification: Counterfeiting
  • FM Approval Status: Not FM Approved

FM Approvals has been made aware of a falsified FM Approvals Certificate of Compliance (CoC).  The document (attached as Figure 1) is an image of the falsified CoC misrepresenting Shenzhen Archung Tecnology Co., Ltd, Seismic, Pivot Fittings & Ring Hangers as FM Approved.  FM Approvals does have a relationship with a company called Shenzhen Archung Technology Co., Ltd however it has been confirmed that they were not the creator of this suspect Certificate of Compliance.


Company Identity: Shenzhen Archung Tecnology Co., Ltd

Address: 599 Zhushan Rd Jiangning, District Nanjing, Jiangsu 211112, P.R. China


Product Identity: Seismic Pivot Fittings, Four Direction Seismic Pivot Fittings, Adjustable Swivel Ring Hanger & Ring Hanger


FM Approval Status:  Not FM Approved.


Hazard Involved:  The products described in the falsified CoC in Figure 1 below have never been tested or certified as FM Approved.  Use of products that falsely claim FM Approval may present a property risk for the user.

Using This Product?

If you have any information relative to the falsified Certificate of Compliance, please bring that to the attention of:

Antonio Pires

Norwood, MA, United States

+1 (1) 781-255-4825