Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Fire can wreak havoc in some occupancies in a very short time. Carbon dioxide (CO2) systems that are certified by FM Approvals are ready to activate and attack fires at a moment’s notice.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) systems can be classified into:

  • total flooding
  • local application

Total flooding systems are intended to protect enclosed special hazards such as rooms or spaces involving ignitable liquids or containing electrical equipment, records, or other storage where a fire would be extinguished by inert gas. Local application systems are intended to protect ignitable liquids in unenclosed special hazards such as dip tanks and drain boards by discharging carbon dioxide directly on the burning material. Robust testing by FM Approvals is conducted to determine these systems align with their intended purpose.

When designing these special protection systems to provide protection for a specific occupancy, always consult the manufacturer's design and installation manual.