Vegetative Roofs


Vegetative roof systems offer a means to provide a green solution in buildings. But just being green doesn’t mean the roof is resilient. All FM Approved vegetative roof systems have been rigorously tested to verify that after a wind event, the building should remain weather tight. Vegetative roof systems which are certified by FM Approvals must be installed above an FM Approved roof assembly.

Component layers that may be found in a vegetative roof system include:

  • Vegetation
  • Growth media
  • Moisture retention matting
  • Filter fabric
  • Drainage panel
  • Protection fabric
  • Root barrier
  • Insulation
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • FM Approved roof assembly

A vegetative roof system which meets the requirements of FM Approvals is intended to neither affect the performance of the roof assembly it covers nor adversely affect the fire and wind ratings of the roof assembly.