Fires can start at any time of the day or night. An automatic sprinkler is always ready to attack the fire and protect the facility should the need arise. The automatic sprinkler has a history of over 100 years of successfully protecting property in a variety of buildings and a multitude of occupancies. FM Approvals has played an active role in advancing sprinkler technology nearly from the creation of the product and remains a leader in sprinkler certification around the globe.

The robust standards used for FM Approved sprinklers to certify sprinkles that function when called upon to do so. Automatic sprinklers that are FM Approved offer the complete range of all sprinkler characteristics needed to properly design a sprinkler system so, that the sprinkler selected is capable of providing adequate fire protection for the intended occupancy.

There are three categories of FM Approved automatic sprinklers: Storage, Non-Storage and Special Protection sprinklers based on the type of occupancy hazard they are intended to protect. Within these three categories are various different types of orientations, thermal response ratings, nominal temperature ratings, water discharge ratings and sprinkler spacings.