Getting the water where it will be most effective can sometimes be a challenge do to building construction or obstructions. Water-spray nozzles are intended to protect a hazard which cannot adequately be protected by standard sprinkler systems. Each nozzle system is designed and calculated for the specific hazard and each nozzle is chosen for its specific discharge characteristics (capacity, spray range, spray angle etc.). Applications include protection of spherical tanks, oil-filled electrical equipment, ignitable liquid storage and processing equipment, oil-cooled transformers, conveyor openings, and horizontal continuous dryers and similar hazards.

Nozzles certified by FM Approvals have been robustly evaluated to verify that they are up to the challenge when the fire breaks out. FM Approved corrosion resistant open water-spray nozzles are designed for fire protection applications in extremely corrosive environments (e.g., steel pickling line ducts) and have undergone additional testing to prove they are up to the task.

Any FM Approved automatic sprinkler may be used as an automatic nozzle. With its thermal element removed, any FM Approved sprinkler may be used as an open nozzle.