Standards in Progress

While FM Approvals has developed over 200 Approval Standards that specify the Approval criteria of various types of products and services, we’re always working on developing more and improving the ones that we have. Below we outline the standards that are currently under development.




FM 4651,  Plastic Suspended Ceiling Panels

The standard scope will be modified to include other types of temporary and permanent ceilings such as plastic sheets used for interior protection, dust and debris barriers and stretch ceilings.


FM 6090,  Ignitable Liquid Drainage Systems

Development of a new Approval standard for systems/devices that directly reduce the fire hazard created by ignitable liquids by significantly limiting the potential pool size that can be created by released ignitable liquids.


ANSI FM 4881, Class I Exterior Wall systems

Proposed development as an American National Standard.


ANSI FM 4930, Cooling  Towers

Proposed development as an American National Standard.




FM 1310, Centrifugal Fire Pumps Split - Multi Stage Multi Outlet Type

New Approval standard which will specify requirements for testing of multi-stage/multi-outlet pumps.


FM 1421, Monitor Assembly

The standard will be updated to include the test protocol for evaluating components of remote controlled water monitor assemblies.


FM 1614, Fiber Reinforced Composite (FRC) Pipe and Fittings for Underground Fire Protection Service

The standard format will be updated and testing protocols updated for testing of new technology pipe resins and materials.


FM 2000, Control Mode Sprinklers for Fire Protection Sprinklers for Fire Protection

FM 2008, Early Suppression, Fast Response Automatic Sprinklers

Revise the existing automatic sprinkler standards (FM 2000 and FM 2008) and align them with changes being made to the FM Global Data Sheets and current full-scale fire test methodology. Incorporate criteria for storage sprinklers, non-storage sprinklers and special protection sprinklers.


ANSI FM 1035, Nitrogen Generators

Proposed development as an American National Standard.


ANSI FM 5560, Water Mist Systems

Update American National Standard.




FM 5700, Explosion Suppression Systems

Modify the standard to clarify the requirements for the system level Approval, eliminate the option of hardware-only Approval and add requirements for isolation valves, diverters and explosion vents with integral deflagration arresters.


ANSI FM 5970, Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment Protection Systems

Proposed development as an American National Standard.


ANSI FM 7730, Explosion Vents

Proposed development as an American National Standard.