January 26, 2023

First FM Approved Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Transformers

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In December 2022, H2scan’s GRIDSCAN 5000 became the first Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) sensor to receive FM Approval. The sensor was tested and certified to FM Approvals Standard 6520 for Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitoring Systems in Liquid-Immersed Transformers.

This standard specifies the requirements for equipment monitoring hydrogen formation within the insulating liquid of liquid-filled transformers. This equipment continuously monitors hydrogen gas concentration within a transformer’s insulating liquid to detect faults early, thereby preventing catastrophic failures. The H2Scan GRIDSCAN 5000 DGA sensor uses a proprietary solid state sensor, enabling it to measure hydrogen in the insulating liquid or gas phases of power transformers and ancillary equipment. The sensing element is hydrogen specific, insensitive to other transformer gases, does not require calibration or maintenance over its 10-year life, and can be immersed directly in the transformer during normal operations to measure hydrogen levels within the insulating liquid continuously.

For the FM Approved H2Scan GRIDSCAN 5000 DGA sensor, testing confirmed the ability to detect sudden and intermittent gas formations that could be missed by periodic sampling of the liquid. During testing, the physical and structural features of the sensor – measured via voltage, temperature, pressure, and other data points – performed as expected in normal environment conditions that are encountered in manufacturing, storage, as well as environments for which the sensors are designed to be installed and used. All of GRIDSCAN 5000’s electrical components conformed to the applicable national electrical codes. The sensor operated reliably under ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

As the first FM Approved condition monitoring DGA sensor for transformers, installers and users of H2Scan GRIDSCAN 5000 now have confirmation that the sensor has successfully completed certification requirements backed by scientific-based research. FM Approvals encourages the development and use of tested and certified products that improve and advance property loss prevention practices. The global acceptance of the FM APPROVED certification mark supports expanded distribution for manufacturers of tested and certified products as well as the availability to end-users worldwide.

If your organization is interested in getting a condition monitoring sensor approved, please contact Keith Blackman. (Senior Engineer, FM Approvals).