Surveillance Audit Policy

Products that are FM Approved are required to be manufactured under appropriate controls to:

  • assure the ongoing conformity of the product
  • demonstrate that the current production conforms to the product that was tested and certified by FM Approvals

To establish and maintain appropriate controls, the manufacturer shall be guided by industry practice, quality controls and by:

  • the FM Approvals report
  • the applicable standard(s)
  • FM Approvals’ issued guidelines
  • FM Approvals’ contractual agreements

FM Approvals conducts surveillance audits at a defined frequency of all locations and facilities to ensure that the appropriate controls are in place to verify that the product bearing the FM APPROVED mark conforms to specified requirements. These locations and facilities:

  • are involved in the manufacture of the FM Approved product
  • influence or control the design of the product or its manufacture
  • apply the FM APPROVED mark to the product

Surveillance audits are conducted in accordance with the specified frequency and the results of the audits demonstrate the ongoing compliance of the product. This is a condition in order to maintaining the FM Approvals certification for a product.