Construction Products Regulations (CPR)

FM Approvals is accredited as a notified body to test and certify products under the European Union Construction Products Regulations (CPR). The CPR aims to overcome the technical barriers to trade posed by European Economic Area (EEA) countries that observe different standards, testing and labeling approaches for the same construction products.

The regulation relies on four key factors:

  1. A system of harmonized technical specifications
  2. An agreed system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance to these specifications
  3. A framework of Notified Bodies
  4. The CE marking label

Under the CPR, manufacturers of construction products that are covered by harmonized European Norm (hEN) standards or an existing European Technical Assessment (ETA) are required, when placing a product on the market in any EEA country, to make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for the product and affix the CE mark.

As a notified body, FM Approvals can provide testing and certification services to support a manufacturer’s DoP and CE marking to hEN standards covering:

  • flame detectors 
  • indicating equipment 
  • metal-faced insulated wall and roof panels
  • pipe insulation
  • power supplies
  • roof insulation board
  • roof waterproofing covers (reinforced bitumen, plastic and rubber sheet)
  • skylights (individual and continuous)
  • sprinklers
  • water motor alarms
  • waterflow detectors
  • wet and dry alarm valves

Manufacturers of FM Approved fire protection and construction materials can receive our CPR services (CE mark) at the same time they are undergoing FM Approvals certification (FM diamond mark).