Safety/Performance Related Concern with Fisher Controls International LLC Digital Level Controllers

  • Type of Notification: Product Safety Notification
  • FM Approval Status: FM Approved

FM Approvals was notified on January 29, 2019 by Fisher Controls International LLC. of a potential non-conformance involving FM Approved Fisher Controls DLC3010 Digital Level Controllers manufactured between September 2014 and October 2018 (Intrinsically Safe Version).


Company Identity: Fisher Controls International LLC.
Address: 205 S. Center Street, Marshalltown, IA USA
Contact Information: Contact your local sales office or Emerson Automation Solutions


Product Identity: DLC3010 Digital Level Controller

Description: DLC3010 Digital Level Controller (Intrinsically Safe Version only)
Make/Model: DLC 30a0 Digital Level Controller, where a = 1, 3
Nameplate Data: LCD Meter Tag with eight digit number tag with an LV number higher than and including LV0699
FM Approvals Certificates: 3008498


FM Approval Status:  FM Approved as Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous (Classified) Locations

Hazard Involved: 
The products contain a non-compliance with intrinsic safety requirements due to an incorrect value of a capacitor having been fitted to the LCD meter. Under certain conditions involving multiple faults the product may be capable of producing an ignition-capable spark. Refer below to the Product Advisory, issued by Emerson Automation Solutions on November 7, 2018.  The affected product should be repaired or removed as described in the attached document.

Using This Product?

If you suspect you are in possession of the affected equipment listed above, bearing the FM Approvals certification marking, please bring that to the attention of:

Antonio Pires

Norwood, MA, United States

+1 (1) 781-255-4825