Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panel

You want to know when something is happening, especially if it is not a good thing. FM Approved signaling equipment is designed to let the end user know when something is going awry. Electrical protective signaling systems are components used to produce alarm and supervisory signals indicative of fire, smoke, sprinkler water flow or other emergencies in the facility.

At the center of any industrial fire alarm signaling system is the fire alarm control panel. FM Approved control panels are available in a wide variety of sizes and contain a wide variety of capabilities, including:

  • Closing fire doors or initiating systems intended to control the spread of smoke
  • Initiating automatic extinguishing systems, including pre-action/deluge sprinklers, clean agent/Carbon Dioxide (CO2), gaseous or dry chemical systems
  • Monitoring of fire detection devices
  • Notification to the building occupants
  • Off premises reporting to summon fire-fighting resources