Heat and Smoke Vents

When there’s a fire in the building and it needs to be vented, things need to work perfectly. FM Approved heat and smoke vents work when needed and keep the weather out when not in use. Heat and smoke vents permit the venting of a building by opening a fixture cut into the roof assembly. Heat and smoke vents differ from skylights in that they tend to be smaller and are designed to be opened in fire situations to allow heat and smoke to be removed from the building. The venting of heat and smoke from a building fire may be desirable in certain, specific situations, but indiscriminate automatic venting can be potentially hazardous and should be avoided.

FM Approved vents are classified by operation as either manual or automatic. The vents are evaluated against the perils of fire, wind, wind borne debris and hail. They are also evaluated for live loads, operation and various impacts.