June 10, 2024

FM Approved Flood Glazing System Can Be Used In Common Retail Applications

Earlier this year, Crawford-Tracey Corporation’s flood glazing products – Pro-Tech Series Curtain Wall System (Models 7SG & 9SG) – successfully completed FM Approvals’ established testing and certification protocols, becoming certified to ANSI/FM Approvals 2510 – the American National Standard for Flood Mitigation Equipment. ANSI/FM Approvals 2510 is the only standard in the world that evaluates the performance of products in real flood conditions – as well as the individual components and materials that make up each product.

This marks the first-ever certification of flood glazing that uses repeating laminated glass panels separated by mullions – a common installation method for retail applications. Crawford-Tracey – the Deerfield Beach, Florida-based developer, manufacturer, and installer of custom and conventional glazing systems engineered to fit each installation’s surrounding conditions – has been an innovator in the glazing industry since 1956. The 7SG product has a rating for 4’ (1.2 m) of standing water while the 9SG product has a rating for 7’ (2.1 m) of standing water. Both products are manufactured to a maximum of 5’ (1.5 m) wide and 10’ (3.1 m) tall and can be implemented as single windows or repeating sections.

Edward Ledesma, Director of Engineering & Design at Crawford-Tracey, states “we recognized the high standards and requirements in vetting our system and components. A stringent standard like FM Approvals reinforces and promotes our commitment to developing high quality and high performing products.”

With this latest flood mitigation approval, industrial and commercial facilities have another FM Approved flood mitigation solution to deploy along with barriers, pumps, valves, wall penetration seals, early warning sensors, and more. FM Approvals continues to expand the availability of tested and certified flood mitigation products that meet the rigorous requirements of our standards and can be counted on to perform as expected under extreme conditions.

To learn more about FM Approved flood mitigation products, visit the Approval Guide or contact Charlie Mahall at +1 781-255-4884 or charles.mahall@fmapprovals.com.