Building Materials Testing

building material

If a fire occurs, what prevents the materials from being consumed and the fire from moving throughout the structure? In the Fire Technology Laboratory, we set products on fire to verify that the fire will not spread out of control. We conduct various small-, intermediate- and full- scale tests to evaluate the effects of fire on the products being evaluated.

Mother Nature can be brutal. That’s why the staff in our Natural Hazards Laboratory work tirelessly to test and certify products that enable buildings to withstand the elements.

We replicate the toughest weather phenomena to put products to the test. Pressures generated by hurricane-force wind of 175 mph (282 km/h) test the strength of building materials, particularly roof and exterior wall systems. Hail guns and debris cannons help us determine the impact resistance of roofs, windows and wall panels.

Our powerful xenon arc ultraviolet (UV) accelerated weatherometer allows us to hasten the weathering effects on all types of building material, to test their long-term resistance and performance.